What You Can Do

There are many avenues for citizens to make their voices heard on election reform and increase the pressure on the legislature to act. You can contact your representative and senator in support of bills, educate and urge your local officials to support MERA reforms, and organize in your local community and statewide to deepen support. MERA will assist by facilitating opportunities to testify at hearings and by providing background, guidelines, examples, etc. for all of these efforts.

Contact Your Representative and Senator

If you share our concerns with the integrity of vote counting in electronically mediated elections and with improving access to voting, then it is urgent that you let your state representative and senator know about your concern. Concerns with election integrity are sometimes politicized and in any case tend to fade from attention between major elections. Yet these issues are of vital importance in a democracy and warrant the attention of voters of every political persuasion. MERA welcomes your support, whatever your political affiliation.

Please communicate your comments and concerns, either on the general issues or specific bills, to your representative and senator. You can send email or surface mail, or call. Please forward a copy of your written comments to the MERA Legislative Coordinator

For a number of key districts (see Legislators), special attention from constituents who support the MERA Legislative Plan could be very helpful. If you live in one of these districts and would like to help, please contact the MERA Legislative Coordinator, he will be happy to assist you to have the strongest influence possible.

Mobilize Local Officials

Local groups allied with MERA are encouraged to inform and educate key local election officials on the MERA legislative plan; set up meetings to discuss the plan, answer their questions, and hear their concerns; and encourage them to weigh in with the legislature in support of key bills.

Please contact the MERA Legislative Committee Chair for assistance.


MERA welcomes testimony from all who share our concerns. To present your testimony as part of the MERA effort, please contact the MERA Legislative Coordinator before the hearing and provide written copy for review.

Other Things You Can Do

Whatever you can do, we thank you in advance for your efforts. It is only through the due vigilance of citizens like you that we can hope to preserve and protect democracy in Michigan and America.