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MERA-Announcements - a moderated list for the MERA Newsletter and occasional announcements of major events or actions MERA
MERA-News - news and discussion of election reform issues in Michigan and around the U.S. MERA-News* MERA-News-digest* MERA-News-owner


To subscribe to a list, click on the list name in the second column. To subscribe to a digest, click on the digest name in the third column. This will open a new email that is addressed with the appropriate list command in the "To" box. Check the "From" box to be sure the address given is the one you wish to have subscribed. If not, please use the next procedure below. Leave the subject box of the email blank and send the message.

You can subscribe any email address by clicking on the list owner in the fourth column. Be sure to add the correct email address in the body of the new email that opens on your screen. This last method is not automatic, so please be patient. Normally, your request will be processed in one or two days.

Subscribers may send email messages from their subscribed address directly to the lists --


For moderated lists, your message will be forwarded to a moderator for approval.


* The subscription address must be confirmed. Shortly after you send your email request to subscribe, you will get a confirmation request at the address to be subscribed. Your subscription will be completed when you reply to the request.

** The digest version is typically mailed out every two days. You may subscribe to both the digest and the regular list (individual emails) or to just one. Subscribers may send email messages from their subscribed address directly to the list and may also reply to individual emails in the digest.